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Helping Dreams Come True


Recipients today face various different financial needs. Among others, Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego helps students to afford an education, couples to pursue fertility assistance or afford an expensive adoption process, and the recently unemployed to manage their expenses. As loans are repaid, funds are recycled to make new loans. Here are some examples of how HFLSD has helped!

Hadassah learned about HFLSD from a friend, and immediately reached out for assistance. She was furloughed from her job at the beginning of the pandemic, and that, coupled with a lawsuit she is facing from previous renters of her rental unit, created an enormous amount of stress for her. She was forced to pay attorney fees from her retirement account and is hoping to settle out of court in the next few months. She knew that the HFLSD Recently Unemployed loan would help her during this difficult time. Hadassah is so grateful for the breathing room that this loan will give her, and her goal is to get her debt under control and pay back this loan as soon as possible. Her Hebrew Free Loan will allow her to pay off her credit card debt to reduce the high interest she is paying. HFLSD was elated to help Hadassah through this transitional period, and pleased that she was our first loan! According to Hadassah, “the process of applying for a loan with HFLSD was so easy and I am thrilled to have this resource in our community to help people when we need it.”

Free Loan BorrowerHebrew Free Loan of San Francisco helped Rebecca defray her costs for her undergraduate degree, so she was thrilled to learn there was a Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego to potentially assist with her post-graduate work. Her HFL San Francisco loan has long been paid off and Rebecca is redefining herself with a career move and returning to school for a post-graduate degree. She relocated to San Diego pre-pandemic but was laid off due to Covid in March of 2020. It is important for Rebecca to find a career that she is passionate about and she now has the opportunity to work through what she really wants to focus her life on. This down time allowed Rebecca to reevaluate her life goals and helped her realize that what she really wants to do is work as a clinical licensed therapist helping people. This loan will allow her to position herself for success as she will be required to do clinical hours, and maintaining a full-time job during this program would be very difficult. Rebecca is diligent about her spending habits, and has multiple spreadsheets outlining different income scenarios, including her payback to HFLSD. “This education loan will allow me to be dedicated to my career path and focus on my goals. Working with HFLSD was stress-free and gives me the cushion I need to position myself for a successful post-graduate journey. I cannot be more grateful for this experience!”

Upon finishing her Associate Degree in Sociology, Marionne immediately started thinking about finding the money to finish her bachelor’s degree. Raised in Israel, her family moved to Tijuana and Marionne commuted from Tijuana to attend a Jewish high school in San Diego. She realizes how important community is and has stayed in San Diego even after her family relocated to Nebraska. She struggles to be on her own, works full time and maintains a full-time college course load. Enrolling in National University gives her the flexibility to continue working while pursuing her degree. The HFLSD Education Loan will allow Marionne to pursue her educational goals without having to extend herself with hefty student loans. Her education loan will balance with her FAFSA monies to allow her to continue her schooling.  Marionne is extremely dedicated to her schooling and anxious to begin her career in either social work or college counseling. “MY HFLSD loan will help me pay my tuition at National University and supplement the cost of my education. Without this loan, I am not sure I would have been able to stay enrolled. My education is the most important thing to me right now, as I look towards my future and I am so thankful to HFLSD for helping me pursue my dreams!”

Zack’s professional background is in educational travel and leading community service programs abroad, which he has been doing since graduating college over 6 years ago. All of this came to an abrupt halt with the onset of the pandemic. Zack transformed his loss of a job into an opportunity and decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Education, focusing on Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership. Zack turned to Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego upon the recommendation of a friend who received an education loan from another Hebrew Free Loan association. He has always been fiscally responsible and has never incurred any debt. The HFLSD education loan will help Zack maintain his excellent financial record while still enabling him to pursue a graduate degree and create a promising future. “I reached a ceiling in my industry with the education that I have and need a higher degree to grow within the international education field. This loan will allow me to obtain my graduate degree and sequentially obtain a better job and a more settled career within the field of study abroad or international education more generally.” Zack says that the process could not have been easier and has already recommended HFLSD to people in his community, “not only for education loans but I know there are a lot of other ways Hebrew Free Loan can help people financially.”