Borrower Stories – Chaya

Helping Dreams Come True with a Personal Needs Loan


I don’t recall the first time I heard about Hebrew Free Loan; but recently, I was in a major car accident, and was suddenly without a vehicle. Right when used car supply is limited and prices are skyrocketing. Although I work full-time, I knew purchasing an affordable and reliable car was probably out of my reach. So I contacted HFLSD and applied for a loan.

Tamar responded almost immediately and asked me for more information. As soon as I submitted my completed application, she let me know what came next. Everything was simple, went smoothly, and she quickly answered any questions I had. We then had a phone interview–which didn’t feel like an interview at all!

It felt more like a conversation with a new friend. I was moved onto the interview process, where I met with Mindi and two board members, and shared my story. Within a short time, I found out my loan was approved. The whole process from the time I first contacted HFLSD until the time I was approved was amazingly short! Only a few weeks!

Receiving the loan approval from HFLSD has lifted a huge load of stress from my mind. I feel so relieved!  I have more freedom to make choices because the loan gives me more flexibility. Once I find the right vehicle, I will be able to do so much more – go to whatever grocery store I want without worrying about the weight of the bags when walking home; take my cat to the vet; and precious more hours at home each day to accomplish responsibilities.  I will be able to do so many things that are extremely difficult or impossible right now. Once I have my car, I’ll have less pain, less fatigue and more restful sleep (my feet are twisted Rheumatoid Arthritis and walking so much keeps me awake with pain at night.)

Thanks to Hashem, and thank you so much HFLSD, for helping me move through life’s challenges more easily than I would have been able to on my own.