Healthcare Loans

Medical and Dental Loans (Up to $5,000)

Medical and dental health can be expensive. Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego offers emergency medical or dental loans to assist those who are uninsured or underinsured, to meet an insurance deductible, unforeseen medical treatments and procedures as well as for insurance, prescriptions, eyeglasses, hearing aids and other medical costs.

We respect your privacy and maintain “Limited Access” internally where loan proceeds are used for a confidential healthcare purpose. All identifiable information about applicant, use of funds and guarantors shall be redacted and kept confidential (at a minimum, compliant with all HIPAA requirements) and access to the file shall be limited to select office personnel and Chairs of the Board of Directors and loan committee, upon approval of the Board Chair.

Additional healthcare documentation may be required in processing loan.

Home Healthcare Loans (Up to $5,000)

Many people have difficulty accessing home healthcare services due to lack of insurance, limited coverage or gaps in Medicare.

  • Home healthcare loans are for families in need of short-term home care for children, parents and spouses. Loans are available for:
    • Nurses
    • In-home care providers
    • Companions
    • Durable medical equipment & supplies
    • Medical home improvements including ramps and railings
    • Respite for caregivers
  • In-Home Modification loans are available for:
    • Installation of rails and ramps
    • Automatic lights
    • Kitchen and bathroom modifications
    • Installation of fall sensor devices
    • Changes in flooring as appropriate

At Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego, we rely on guarantors instead of collateral to secure your loan. A guarantor is someone who can guarantee to pay back the loan if you do not. A guarantor is at least 25 years old, lives in California and has a credit score of 670 or better. A friend, family member or employer are examples of a guarantor.