Giving Opportunities

Find the way that is best for you to help Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego continue providing interest-free loans throughout our community. Our loans enable people to become self-sufficient, providing them the means to handle serious financial challenges and pursue their life dreams.

Lead Donor Opportunities

Become a Lead Donor for an HFLSD specific loan program. Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego is generously funded through donations from individuals and families. HFLSD is seeking lead donors to help support its work by identifying a loan program that fuels your passion, and entices you to make a significant contribution to the organization to support that particular loan category. Lead donors receive recognition for their support with potential naming ability for that loan category, while helping to empower the San Diego Jewish community on their path to financial security. There are several lead donor opportunities available.

Create a Permanent Named Fund

With a gift of $20,000 or more, you can create a Permanent Named Fund that will exist in perpetuity. Subsequent gifts from you will be credited to the fund, and others may contribute to it as well.

Silver Lining Guarantor Fund

The Silver Lining Guarantor Fund is a unique donor program that will enable donors to assist qualified potential borrowers obtain loans when there is difficulty obtaining guarantors. This is a donor opportunity that can immediately impact individual lives when that individual may not have been able to qualify for an HFLSD loan otherwise.

Make a Gift of Securities

Stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have appreciated in value may be an attractive donation for you under current tax laws. When you transfer ownership to HFLSD, you receive a charitable income tax deduction to the full extent allowed by law. Please alert us in advance.

Legacy/Planned Giving

Legacy or planned giving donations are gifts to HFLSD that have the potential to supply us with meaningful funds for years to come and honor the legacy of the donor who made the contribution. Donors often plan these gifts years before they are distributed to HFLSD. Legacy gifts to HFLSD reflect your interests and values while supporting HFLSD’s tradition of interest-free lending. You may also receive significant personal and estate tax advantages.

“I have decided to donate to HFLSD through my trust because this charity speaks to my heart. I feel a hand up for those in need is a great opportunity to have an immense impact. I wish my family had this resource when I was growing up and to know I will continue to help others beyond my lifetime is a great comfort to me.”   HFLSD Legacy Gift Donor

For other ways to give, please contact or call (858) 345-8018 so we can assist you in making these contributions. Thank you!