Borrower Stories – Anonymous (SR)

Helping Dreams Come True
with a Debt Consolidation Loan

This debt consolidation borrower, who wants to remain anonymous, has been working diligently to pay off the credit card debt she accrued when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly became unemployed. At one point, she had to use her credit cards to pay for the basic day to day living needs of her family and acquired a substantial amount of debt.

She has been working full-time for over three years and even took on a second job to help make ends meet. Even so, she had been unable to really make a dent in the credit card debt that had been accrued. She came to HFLSD when she realized that all she was doing was paying off interest. She wanted help to get back on her feet and is striving to be debt free. She is a very responsible person, and this debt overwhelms her.

During her application, she managed to negotiate a lower interest rate with one of her credit card companies and pay down her debt by almost $5,000. HFLSD was able to help her pay down almost all the remaining debt, allowing her to increase her monthly cash flow by almost $800 more per month. This loan recipient shared that “This loan allows me to focus on getting my finances back in order and concentrate on reaching my financial freedom more quickly. I want to cry -I am so grateful.”