Helping Dreams Come True with a Debt Consolidation Loan

Before finding HFLSD, it felt like I was drowning. I went and graduated from college and before finding and following a career, I decided to travel for some time. I was so excited for my trip after graduating that I did not think about the consequences of the international fees after returning from my trip. Although I would not trade the experiences I had, I now had to think about the debt I had accrued.

When I returned, living with family helped me start working and start paying off my debt. I have always loved children so I started working at a childcare center and absolutely loved the work I was doing. My cousin eventually moved to San Diego and I came with her. I was able to find a job working with children again but there are different requirements in the state of California which I did not meet, so I went back to school. I switched jobs after gaining the credits I needed, confided in a coworker about my debt situation and am very thankful that when she heard about HFLSD from our director, she told me I needed to speak to her.

My goal was to pay off my credit card debts, so I sat and worked on the debt consolidation loan that weekend. I completed all the forms they requested, including providing a credit report and filling out a budget worksheet, I got my two guarantors that would work for my loan. During the loan interview, we were able to discuss different aspects of my credit report, looking at my different accounts and they brought to light some interest rates that I had never paid attention to before and realized why it had felt like I would take one step forward and fall two steps back when I tried paying off my cards. It felt like I was putting money into these cards but my balance was never going down and I didn’t know what to do, I was hoping with the help of HFLSD I could pay those off and focus on paying the loan, which would not feel as bad as it would be interest-free.

The following business day, I got the best email I could have received congratulating me on being accepted for the loan. Even before receiving the money, it felt like a giant weight lifted off my shoulders just to hear that the process for this loan had paid off and I could start getting out of debt. Overall, the process for the loan was very straightforward and the entire team does an amazing job to help you out. With this loan, it no longer feels like I’m drowning and it feels like my money is being used for actually paying something down rather than just the interest rates. For someone truly interested in an interest-free loan that could make an impact on their life, I would definitely recommend HFLSD.