Helping Dreams Come True with an Education Loan


I first learned about Hebrew Free Loan from my parents, who are involved in the Jewish community back in my hometown of San Francisco. Numerous family friends had used HFL over the years and had also donated to HFL when they could. I was very honored to receive my first loan from the San Francisco branch for my nursing school undergraduate education. I felt immediately welcomed to the HFL family and I felt that they really cared about my success in school. I was able to pay my educational loan interest-free in a very reasonable monthly amount.

A few months ago, I started my Master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner. Now living in San Diego, I knew that HFLSD may be able to help me. I had conversations with the very lovely HFLSD staff who helped me arrange my documents and complete my interviews. I received another educational loan, this time for graduate school, which helps me just enough so that I don’t have to take out private or government loans for schooling.

Working full-time as a registered nurse, and attending school part-time, I am now able to fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner without having to worry about paying a high-interest loan on top of it all. With HFLSD’s continued assistance in my pursuit to higher education, I will be able to achieve my career goals and raise a family without worrying about loans.

I am blessed to have a supportive Jewish community here in San Diego that will have my back through the many financial hardships in life and I will definitely recommend it to Jewish San Diegans around me. Ultimately, I would love to return the favor to future generations of Jewish families in San Diego. Thank you HFLSD for your support and I can’t wait to one day be on the other side as a donor!