Helping Dreams Come True


Our journey with Hebrew Free Loan of San Diego (HFLSD): 

We learned about HFLSD when we agreed to be a guarantor for a friend that was applying for an interest-free loan. With a combination of financial choices and a pandemic lay-off, our friend was in serious debt and looked to HFLSD for a hand-up to help him consolidate his debt and get back on his feet. By being a guarantor on his debt consolidation loan, we were able to help him on his path. Together with HFLSD, we could fulfill the mitzvah of helping a friend in need. Our friend’s loan was approved through an easy and confidential process, and he is on his way to creating his own financial freedom!  

The experience of being an HFLSD guarantor inspired us to want to help others in the San Diego Jewish community that are also struggling financially. We wanted to be able to pay it forward even more and decided to join HFLSD as a donor. We knew that our donation would go directly to these individuals who are in need of a hand-up to strengthen their financial security.   

There are so many ways to be involved in fulfilling the mission of HFLSD. There are so many ways to help.  By getting involved in HFLSD through being a guarantor and/or donating, you, too, can make a positive and immediate impact in the San Diego Jewish community.