Helping Dreams Come True with a Debt Consolidation Loan

Meet this loan recipient, who came to HFLSD seeking a Personal Needs Loan to help relieve his extensive student loan debt and start his path to financial stability. Not having finished his college degree, his options of securing a debt consolidation loan from a bank were few and came with high interest rates. He heard about Hebrew Free Loan from a friend who has been involved in the organization since its inception. The interest-free debt consolidation loan is being used to help him pay off his highest interest rate student loan. He says: “This loan has helped me in so many ways. First, it has helped me gain confidence and belief in myself that I can pay my student loans off. Second, it has helped lower my total monthly student loan payments. Third, it has given me the opportunity to further pursue my dream of running my own business. This loan is allowing me to make significant progress and momentum towards being debt free. It’s also giving me the confidence and belief that I can get to a better financial situation so I can be prepared faster to have my own family.”

This HFLSD loan recipient reports that the loan application process was effective and smooth, and that the communication and kindness from every individual working at Hebrew Free Loan was “top notch.” In addition, he is very thankful to have had the support and expertise of HFLSD in helping him get on a clear path to getting rid of his student loan debt. 

He shares this with our community: “The impact of Hebrew Free Loan on my life has already been significant and I have no doubt that it will continue to become an even bigger positive economic influence on the Jewish community in San Diego.

I highly recommend any Jewish adult that is in need of financial assistance or eager to make an impact in the local Jewish community to work with HFLSD. The organization is so well run and every dollar or minute you contribute is making a real impact.”